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Much, much later —

20 Mar


That interruption lasted much longer than I initially thought it would.

I wonder why I find it so difficult to get back into the habits of a writing life after a break. Why do I allow so many other things – from urgent to trivial – to seduce my attention away from writing?

I continue to attend the Chattanooga Writers’ Guild meetings because the company of other writers inspires me. I read blogs by fellow writers for the same reason.  Tracy Cembor is proving particularly inspirational these days. [ See http://tracycembor.com/author/tracycembor/ ] If she can manage a paragraph or two while her newborn naps, surely I can write multiple pages while my teens are at school!

My new goal is five pages of notes or prose each week day. We’ll see how that goes….


New Year’s Resolution Achievement Unlocked!

30 Jan

One of my resolutions for this year is to get serious about my writing. As part of that, I resolved to start a blog and post at least twice a week. Basic math indicates I am six posts behind at this point, so I am dubbing February “Haiku Month”: one haiku each day. I may try to submit one (or more) to ThinkGeek in hopes of winning a snarky t-shirt. One can never have too many snarky t-shirts.

I have started two Pinterest pages which  are linked on this blog. The Nested Universe page has images from Winter Planet (working title), a fantasy novel. The Ahbee’s Universe page has images of space, asteroid mining, and terraforming. It will support my science fiction writing, including “Proof of Life”, a long short-story (or maybe novella) I am working on about an asteroid miner, Captain Hidaya Tsuvecki.