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New Year’s Resolution Achievement Unlocked!

30 Jan

One of my resolutions for this year is to get serious about my writing. As part of that, I resolved to start a blog and post at least twice a week. Basic math indicates I am six posts behind at this point, so I am dubbing February “Haiku Month”: one haiku each day. I may try to submit one (or more) to ThinkGeek in hopes of winning a snarky t-shirt. One can never have too many snarky t-shirts.

I have started two Pinterest pages which  are linked on this blog. The Nested Universe page has images from Winter Planet (working title), a fantasy novel. The Ahbee’s Universe page has images of space, asteroid mining, and terraforming. It will support my science fiction writing, including “Proof of Life”, a long short-story (or maybe novella) I am working on about an asteroid miner, Captain Hidaya Tsuvecki.