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Proof of Life, Part 16

28 Aug

March 9, 2126

Hidaya checked her ship’s link with Sci-Com 14, deployed ten days before. The link to the fully functional, fully powered satellite was strong. Before today, when she’d sent messages, she’d sent them straight to Sci-Com 1, which relayed them to Earth through some process she hadn’t been curious about. Now she wished she’d asked something about it.

“Memre’, can you send a message to Sci-Com 3?”

“Yes, Captain. I can program a message to stop at Sci-Com 3.”

“I don’t want the message to stop at Sci-Com 3. I want the message to go from Sci-Com 3 to the science outpost on Europa. Jupiter and its moons should be within reasonable com range for about the next eleven months.”

Hidaya knew she hadn’t programmed Memre’ to be curious, but she felt pressure to justify herself anyway. “Those scientists must feel almost as isolated as I do. I’d like to talk with them, maybe play a few strategy games.”

Memre’ spoke, “I found the command codes in the technical specs. I can get Sci-Com 3 to send messages to somewhere other than Sci-Com 2 or 4. I also found a clearance override so that Europa can access Sci-Com 3 to talk to us.”

“I hadn’t thought of that. Would talking with Europa compromise the security of the satellite system?”

“No, Captain. We can program the clearance override to apply only to the transmitter on Europa, only for this destination, and only for the time window you wish.”

Hidaya exhaled with relief. She wanted to try this, but not so badly that she would risk compromising the security of the whole project. “Then let’s do so.”


Proof of Life, Part 11

21 Aug

December 7, 2122

She took special care in preparing and dropping the third satellite, which contained extra science equipment and evasive technology to help keep it out of the orbital path of Jupiter and Jupiter’s two main trojan asteroid clusters. It was designed to collect, process, and transmit information on the Greeks, the asteroid cluster which precedes Jupiter around the sun, and the Trojans, which trail Jupiter in its solar orbit.

December 12, 2122

The ISS Motherlode entered Jupiter’s orbit.

“Memre’, are we passing within scanner distance of any of the Greeks?”

“Yes, Captain. Four asteroids are currently within scanner range, including 1143 Odysseus.”

“Excellent! Let’s test these upgraded scanner systems we got on Phobos and see what we can find out about them.”

“Yes, Captain.”

Hidaya started to hum. “It’s good to have something new to break the routine.”