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Proof of Life, Part 20

16 Sep

June 26, 2127

In her yearly video to Nassor, Hidaya admitted to an increasing sense of boredom and loneliness since cutting off communications with Europa. “It is a very strange feeling for me, Brother, to be craving the company of other people. I haven’t felt this way since Jamila’s wedding and the riot.” Her voice trailed away. Even now, forty years later, she refused to discuss what had happened. Instead, she changed the subject: “I took up plant breeding as a hobby and have bred one of my edible flowers in a different color. It tastes the same, but the color variety is nice. My next project involves crossing some peppers. I’d like to develop a variety that is both sweet and spicy.”


Proof of Life, Part 19

14 Sep

February 24, 2127

Hidaya said farewell to the scientists on Europa, claiming that she was heading back to Mars, her cargo hold full of valuable minerals. She had Memre’ close Europa’s access to the satellite and increase its security levels in case someone got the idea of trying to hack into it, as she claimed to have done. After triple checking Memre’s work on the satellite’s security system, Hidaya performed a thorough check of Motherlode’s bio, mechanical, and computer systems. All systems were in perfect working order. Nothing needed repair or attention. She worked on a needlework project for fifteen minutes before irritably tossing it aside.

“Memre’, I’m bored. I need a project that stretches my mind.”

“Have you considered botany?”


“Yes, Captain. You could try to cross pollinate different plants to produce new varieties. I have an introductory text available if you are interested.”

Hidaya considered the novel proposition for several minutes. “Okay, Memre’. Show me.”

Proof of Life, Part 15

27 Aug

June 27, 2125

Nassor thoughtfully included holo-messages from his wife and children, in addition to his own. Hidaya missed the “live” interaction of the previous years, but she liked playing back the vids of her neices’ belt tests and Rashaad’s soccer tournament highlights. They alleviated, for a while, her growing boredom. She hadn’t realized, back in the main asteroid belt, how much she enjoyed the hunt – trying to find a valuable rock before someone else did. Except for that brief period cutting through the Greek field, she had little to do except maintain her ship’s systems and drop the occasional satellite.