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Haiku #7

6 Feb

Yesterday, I saw

a brave yellow daffodil —

harbinger of spring.

Haiku #6

5 Feb

My relationship

with elliptical machine

at gym is love/hate.

Haiku #5

4 Feb

A good day: I find

a new book by loved author

at library — free!

February 2: A light dusting of snow

2 Feb

Snow is falling here in Catoosa County, GA. Everything and everybody stops. Schools, stores, and offices close. People postpone their normal plans for the day. They seem to regard the snow with a certain degree of wonder and disbelief: “It’s snowing! In Georgia!”

Children tilt their faces up to the sky and try to catch flakes on their tongues. They talk excitedly about sleds when the snow doesn’t even cover the ground. The novelty of it entrances them.

I, however, lived in Idaho for 20 years. I look at the snow, my nemesis, suspiciously: “You followed me here!? I thought I had finally eluded you!” 

Daniel, my thirteen-year-old son (with a cerebral palsy-related speech impediment), looked out the window today in disbelief then rounded on me accusingly, “No more snow! Rain!” I agreed that it should be rain, not snow, and asked if he still wanted to go to the pool at the gym. We decided not to risk the twisty, icy roads. It will melt off tomorrow, and life will return to normal.

Haiku #3: Georgia Snow

Snow! Snow? In Georgia?

Everything, everyone stops…

in joy and wonder.


Haiku #4: Idaho Snow

Snow in Idaho:

four-wheel drives, shovels, hats, coats —

this is just winter.


Haiku #2: ThinkGeek’s Dragonscale Bag of Holding

2 Feb

Dragon bag will hold

All my loot from dungeon crawls!

But, can I lift it?

Haiku #1: Mmmmm!

1 Feb

Butter, sugar, eggs,
Vanilla, flour, soda, salt,
Chocolate chips: cookies!