Galactic Politeness Policy

1 Nov

Excerpted from a more extensive article in the Galactic Library, First Level:


Galactic Policy Regarding Alien Racial Referencing

Galactic politeness standards dictate that references to alien cultures proceed as follows:

(1)         Race A refers to Race B by the name Race B refers to itself, if Race A is physically able to do so;

(2)        Race A refers to Race B by the translation into Race A’s language of the name Race B uses to refer to itself;

(3)        If, as is common, Race B uses a variant of the words “people,” “tribe,” or “clan,” then Race A may come up with a non-derogatory, descriptive name for Race B, which Race B has the right to veto if they find it insulting.

  1. Once Race B has approved a name suggested by Race A, Race A will use that name and only that name to refer to Race B in all governmental, educational, scientific, and commercial communications.

(4)        Use of non-approved names by Race A governments, educational institutions, research centers, and businesses is sufficient grounds for Race B to bring suit for offense in a district Galactic Propriety Court.


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