Proof of Life, Part 24

22 Sep

April 7, 2128

“Another response came to your search for Dr. Nwosu, Captain.”

Hidaya was working in the ship gardens. “Read it aloud.”

“Yangu Kipanya! My Little Mouse! It is very good to hear from you. I’ve often wondered how you fared after you left my care. I apologize for not responding more quickly, but I caught ImmunoDef4 this winter. I spent months in a slow recovery, but I’m better now and would like to know how you are doing. Tutaonana!”

Hidaya laughed, “That’s my old doctor! No one else ever called me Yangu Kipanya!” She inserted a transplant into a larger holder, tenderly spreading its roots for maximum exposure to the nutrient spray. “I’ll finish up here, Memre’, before replying.”


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