Proof of Life, Part 22

18 Sep

January 29, 2128

On the first day of Ramadan, Hidaya settled into a comfortable lotus position and began to meditate. She considered her deep-seated anxieties. Since the riot, she’d avoided relationships with people other than Nassor and his family. She avoided physical contact because she knew that other people were dangerous and unpredictable. Out here, alone in space, without people to invoke her flight-or-fight response, she recognized that she was lonely. Perhaps now, with her mind clear, she should finally do some mental housekeeping. She sighed at this thought, because she knew she couldn’t do it alone.

“Memre’, send a query to Earth for Dr. Neema Nwosu, last known residence – Nairobi. Phrase it, ‘Captain Hidaya Tsuvecki seeks the Dr. Neema Nwosu, formerly of Nairobi, Kenya, who treated her from 2087 to 2089. Please respond.’ Attach a standard filter and secure path for responses then send it out.”

“Yes, Captain.”


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