Proof of Life, Part 17

10 Sep

June 26, 2126

In the message packet she prepped for Nassor, she recapped the deployment of four more satellites, noted that she would cross Uranus’ orbital path in two days, then confessed to reprogramming part of the satellite system’s carrying capacity to play delayed-time strategy games with the Europan scientists: “….and the cover story involves me prospecting in the Greeks. If somebody tries to connect the dots, it will match up with my record as an independent asteroid miner with a desire for solitude.

“The safeguards Memre’ programmed into Sci-Com 3 keep Europa from being able to trace incoming or outgoing transmissions in any way. They can triangulate their signal up to the satellite and figure out where Sci-Com 3 itself is, but they can’t use that to find the others or to find me. I told them I found the satellite a couple of years ago and hacked into it for my own use. They have no reason to suspect African involvement.

“I hope you approve, but I don’t regret it. It has been so nice to have regular human contact again. I understand why Sir Zuberi wants radio silence, but I need to talk to a real person more than once a year.”


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