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29 Apr

It is time.

Time to get serious.

Time to stop procrastinating.

Time to stop pretending excuses are anything but excuses.

Time to recognize that the real reason I have not yet gotten serious about my writing is fear that I am not good enough, not talented enough, not creative enough.

Yet, my family has said they like my writing — and they are generally honest about my cooking and my parenting skills.

The Chattanooga Writer’s Guild peer review group I visited last week said they liked my piece, and they gave me helpful hints for improving it.

So. Time to begin. Time to set all my stubbornness toward this new goal. Which is a considerable heap o’ stubbornness!

I am a fledgling writer. I will be (with help) a published writer one day.

There. I said it — in print, in (semi)public.

Now. Once upon a time…..