Archive | February, 2013

Haiku #17

18 Feb

In January,
I dream of June tomatoes —
red, ripe on the vine.

Haiku #16: Zzzzz

16 Feb

Saturday morning —
The one day of my week that
I get to sleep in!

Haiku #15

15 Feb

My girls grew up, out
of my arms and home, but I
keep them in my heart.

Haiku #14: The Creek this Morning

14 Feb

Light plays on water

moving over sand and rocks —

one beam spotlights moss.

Haiku #13

13 Feb

….Rain again today:

hot cocoa, popcorn, good book,

or maybe a nap….

Haiku #12 Patience

12 Feb

I crave spring: light, life

color, growth, warmth — revival!

Hope springs eternal.

Haiku #11

11 Feb

Between groomer trips
sassy pomeranian
becomes chia pet.

Haiku #10

10 Feb

Sunday afternoon:
my nap is required to
keep the Sabbath holy.

Haiku #9 Composting

8 Feb

Kitchen scraps, leaves, weeds

slowly change in cold and damp.

My spade turns black gold!


Haiku #8

7 Feb

Special Olympics Basketball 2013 012Haiku #8

Special Olympics:
helping exceptional kids
to take their best shot